Chelmsford Coach Company

Our two main services come under the headings of Chelmsford Minibus Hire and also Chelmsford Coach Company Hire. We will offer both services separately and simultaneously. This means that you can book any size and even more than one vehicle. Coaches are ideal for groups of 16 people or more and the minibus hire is ideal for smaller group sizes.

The most suited service will depend on the particular visit and also on the specified needs of the person as well. A good example is where there is a great deal of luggage involved. A minibus may be ideal here as it is mainly used as a drop off and pick up service and has vast open spaces inside. This could also be for sports events and football journeys a like. It could even work out cheaper and as effective as hiring a coach. Emphasis can be made on the shared taxi service.

You may want to hire a coach due to the many alternate features such as leg rests, arm rests and luggage compartments. You may also be planning a long distance journey where such features are paramount. Please note that an executive coach will offer optional features that are different to the standard minibus.